let me just ave some notes, before tey go forgotten:
1. that quite old subject on exclusion was suddenly on yesterday again. Its been ruoming around those converse places for quite some time.
now these scientifically so prefered researches as reported , how did they do ? They were just launching a rumor , a wicked one as some spontanious reactions in us make and bring the feeling of deeply doubting, may be not all of the sudden , but
also immediately in all kind of variations ,
in a very small and not very important place so they start to talk about the youth beeing criminal. and since this small and
rather unexciting place has some tourism, industries and research plus an over-aged population as its spread to be, there
of course is a certain immigration, or move, btw like it always i guess must have been. since this place is also a transit place
among a variation of places. quite a few tongues, dialects or languages are spoken, and there are languages which are more
spoken by certain pleople and others by others.
so now the administration of that place, the people of responsabilities have given in order a research to find out about the
criminal youth , they go and make research in the original region and see that these children are not more criminal then
everybody else.
just wonder, why do they have to make research for something i think everybody can know immediately. its not at all a good
idea to think that people coming from a few hundred or thousand miles away can be profoundly different. even if somebody
comes as far then lets call it the end of the world its still human. to emphacise a research on that differences is nothing else
but exclusion, or racism or a lie that also a hundred times repeated wont become true.
2. the other day the national tv was reporting about another research program, this concerned all the young men joining the
army. dont know wheter this was an obligatuary or free join programm. what they did report about it was now, that the testing of a big number of young men in the region the result is that the sperm quality, flexibility, speed and number of
it is quite alarming low, bad and weak. Now i cannot guess what is the advantage of this test eigther if they are not
willing to go and search or the reasons of the acknowledged fact. Unless its they are very deeply into their own mess
i cannot think of the good of these news unless its to hide away other news which give a similar pics of reputation but
it would be more embarrassing to talk about it, so the young men can full the program true or not is not in their concern.
as point one shows clearly.

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