the torch

a remark to pics , and voice ,
the news showed a film taken from the air or a high building , the ralley was many security and police , the comment was that
no incidents happend, but that the torch has hardly been able to be seen. just when it was said that it was difficult to see the
torch , the image was very nice and clear . the rally and in the middle the light and flames of the olympic torch.
this is not all, they commented very cruel that , the chinese guards of the torch were also around, gathered, and know
comes the point , they said, these torch guards that were very brutally or rabiat or sorry i dont remember the exact expression but it was a very cruel untrue unfair namecalling of these guards whom were doing nothing else then protectiong
the torch, and after the handycapped athlet was bullied and aggressed badly they were also protecting this girl.
What should they have done? asking you people of my region this. to feel necessity to ask this question makes me
angry ! and i simply think not to trust you is good to remember.
thanks to all the friends who exchange courage about whom to trust, as time tells to learn slowly is better then to not
learn at all ,

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